us pol, but mostly a Pratchett quote 

@tewha do we still believe any of the little lies?

@tewha does Sylvester love Steve as much as Fishie?

A dull image to place among the better, and more interesting of

I’m never sure if purchasing electronics is a sound decision

@tewha how does Fishie feel about this relationship?

@Indigo I think the idea is you own the original (as it were).

Given the (lack of) size of (my) audience, it’s mostly a thought–experiment.

@Indigo supposedly a means of owning one’s online content; I posted the picture to my blog, receives it via RSS syndication. Whereas it’s a little bit of API magic to post it to my mastodon instance…

@tewha any non–North American outlets announced?

The trailer made it appear ridiculous…

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